Tobit 1

1 Tobit was from the tribe and city of Naphtali (which is in the upper parts of Galilee above Asher, after the way, which leads to the west, that has on its left the city of Sephet). 2 Although he had been taken captive in the days of Shalmaneser, the king of the Assyrians, even […]

Tobit 3

1 Then Tobit sighed, and he began to pray with tears, 2 saying, “O Lord, you are just and all your judgments are just, and all your ways are mercy, and truth, and judgment. 3 And now, O Lord, remember me, and do not take vengeance for my sins, and do not call to mind […]

Tobit 4

1 Therefore, when Tobit considered that his prayer was heard, so that he might be able to die, he called his son Tobias to him. 2 And he said to him: “My son, hear the words of my mouth, and set them, like a foundation, in your heart. 3 When God will receive my soul, […]

Tobit 5

1 Then Tobias responded to his father, and he said: “I will do everything just as you have instructed me, father. 2 But I do not know how to obtain this money. He does not know me, and I do not know him. What proof shall I give to him? And I do not know […]

Tobit 6

1 And so Tobias continued on, and the dog was following him, and he stayed at the first stopping point, near the river Tigris. 2 And he went out to wash his feet, and behold, an immense fish came out to devour him. 3 And Tobias, being frightened of it, cried out with a loud […]

Tobit 7

1 And so they went to Raguel, and Raguel received them with gladness. 2 And Raguel, gazing upon Tobias, said to Anna his wife, “How much like my cousin is this young man!” 3 And when he had spoken this, he said, “Which of our brethren are you from, young men?” 4 But they said, […]

Tobit 8

1 In truth, after they had dined, they introduced the young man to her. 2 And so, Tobias, remembering the word of the Angel, took part of the liver from his bag, and he placed it over the live coals. 3 Then the Angel Raphael caught the demon, and bound him in the desert of […]

Tobit 9

1 Then Tobias called the Angel to him, whom he indeed considered to be a man, and he said to him: “Brother Azariah, I implore you to listen to my words: 2 If I should give myself to be your servant, I would not be equally worthy of your providence. 3 Even so, I beg […]

Tobit 10

1 In truth, when Tobias was delayed because of the marriage celebration, his father Tobit was worried, saying: “Why do you think my son is delayed, or why has he been detained there? 2 Do you think that Gabael has died, and that no one will repay him the money?” 3 And so he began […]