Leviticus 2

1 When a soul will offer an oblation of sacrifice to the Lord, his oblation shall be of fine wheat flour, and he shall pour oil over it, and he shall set down frankincense, 2 and he shall bring it to the sons of Aaron, the priests. One of them shall take a handful of […]

Leviticus 4

1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Say to the sons of Israel: The soul which will have sinned through ignorance, and concerning any of the commandments of the Lord that he instructed not to be done, if anything at all has been done: 3 if the priest, who is anointed, will have […]

Leviticus 5

1 If a soul will have sinned, and heard the voice of one testifying under oath, and he is a witness because either he has seen it himself, or he is aware of it: if he does not reveal it, he shall carry his iniquity. 2 The soul that will have touched anything unclean, either […]

Leviticus 6

1 The Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 The soul who will have sinned, and, despising the Lord, will have denied to his neighbor the deposit which he had entrusted to his safekeeping, or who will have extorted anything by force, or who will have made a false accusation, 3 or who will have found […]

Leviticus 7

1 Likewise, this is the law of the sacrifice for a transgression. It is the Holy of holies. 2 Therefore, where the holocaust is immolated, the victim for a transgression shall also be slain. Its blood shall be poured out all around the altar. 3 They shall offer from it: the rump, and the fat […]

Leviticus 8

1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 Take Aaron, with his sons, their vestments, and the oil of anointing, a calf for sin, two rams, and a basket with unleavened bread, 3 and gather together all the assembly at the door of the tabernacle. 4 And Moses did as the Lord had commanded. […]

Leviticus 9

1 Then, the eighth day having arrived, Moses called Aaron and his sons, and those greater by birth from Israel, and he said to Aaron: 2 “Take a calf for sin from the herd, and a ram as a holocaust, both immaculate, and offer them in the sight of the Lord. 3 And to the […]

Leviticus 10

1 And the sons of Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, picking up their censers, placed fire in them and incense upon them, offering in the sight of the Lord a strange fire, such as was not instructed of them. 2 And fire coming out from the Lord destroyed them, and they died in the sight of […]