1 Maccabees 1

1 And it happened afterwards that Alexander, the son of Philip the Macedonian, who first reigned in Greece having come from the land of Kittim, struck Darius the king of the Persians and the Medes. 2 He appointed many battles, and he took hold of all the fortifications, and he executed the kings of the […]

1 Maccabees 3

1 And his son Judas, who was called Maccabeus, rose up in his place. 2 And all his brothers assisted him, along with all those who had joined themselves to his father. And they fought the battle of Israel with rejoicing. 3 And he expanded the glory of his people, and he clothed himself with […]

1 Maccabees 4

1 Then Gorgias took five thousand men and a thousand chosen horsemen, and they moved out of the camp by night, 2 so that they might set upon the camp of the Jews and strike them suddenly. And the sons who were from the stronghold were their guides. 3 And Judas heard of it, and […]

1 Maccabees 5

1 And it happened that, when the surrounding nations heard that the altar and the sanctuary had been rebuilt as before, they were very angry. 2 And they intended to destroy the people of Jacob that were among them, and they began to kill some of the people, and to persecute them. 3 Then Judas […]

1 Maccabees 6

1 And king Antiochus was traveling through the upper regions, and he heard that the city of Elymais in Persia was very noble and abundant in silver and gold, 2 and that the temple in it was very opulent, and that there were, in that place, coverings of gold, and breastplates and shields, which Alexander, […]

1 Maccabees 7

1 In the one hundred and fifty-first year, Demetrius, the son of Seleucus, departed from the city of Rome, and he went up with a few men to a maritime city, and he reigned there. 2 And it happened that, as he entered into the house of the kingdom of his fathers, the army captured […]

1 Maccabees 8

1 And Judas heard of the fame of the Romans, that they are powerful and strong, and that they willingly agree to all things that are asked of them; and that, whoever was agreeable to them, they established a friendship with them, and so they are powerful and resourceful. 2 And they heard of their […]

1 Maccabees 10

1 And in the one hundred and sixtieth year, Alexander, the son of Antiochus, who was surnamed the illustrious, came up and occupied Ptolemais, and they received him, and he reigned there. 2 And king Demetrius heard of it, and he gathered together an exceedingly great army, and he went forth to meet him in […]