Proverbs 1

1 The parables of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel, 2 in order to know wisdom and discipline, 3 to understand words of prudence, and to accept the instruction of doctrine, justice and judgment, and equity, 4 so as to give discernment to little ones, knowledge and understanding to adolescents. 5 By listening, the […]

Proverbs 2

1 My son, if you would accept my words, and conceal my commandments within you, 2 so that your ears may listen to wisdom, then bend your heart in order to know prudence. 3 For if you would call upon wisdom and bend your heart to prudence, 4 if you will seek her like money, […]

Proverbs 3

1 My son, do not forget my law, but let your heart guard my precepts. 2 For they shall set before you length of days, and years of life, and peace. 3 Let not mercy and truth abandon you: encircle them around your throat, and inscribe them on the tablets of your heart. 4 And […]

Proverbs 4

1 Listen, sons, to the discipline of a father, and pay attention, so that you may know prudence. 2 I will bestow upon you a good gift. Do not relinquish my law. 3 For I, too, was the son of my father, tender and an only son in the sight of my mother. 4 And […]

Proverbs 5

1 My son, pay attention to my wisdom, and incline your ear to my prudence, 2 so that you may guard your thinking, and so that your lips may preserve discipline. Do not pay attention to the deceit of a woman. 3 For the lips of a loose woman are like a dripping honeycomb, and […]

Proverbs 6

1 My son, if you have taken a pledge on behalf of your friend, then you have bound your hand to an outsider, 2 then you are ensnared by the words of your own mouth, and taken captive by your own words. 3 Therefore, my son, do what I say, and free yourself, for you […]

Proverbs 7

1 My son, guard my words and conceal my precepts within you. 2 Son, preserve my commandments, and you shall live. And keep my law as the pupil of your eye. 3 Bind it with your fingers; write it on the tablets of your heart. 4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” and call […]

Proverbs 8

1 Does not wisdom call out, and prudence bestow her voice? 2 At the summits and the tops of exalted places, standing above the ways, in the midst of the paths, 3 beside the gates of the city, at the very doors, she speaks, saying: 4 “O men, to you I call out, and my […]

Proverbs 9

1 Wisdom has built a house for herself. She has hewn seven columns. 2 She has immolated her victims. She has mixed her wine and set forth her table. 3 She has sent her maids to call out to the tower and to the fortified walls of the city, 4 “If anyone is little, let […]

Proverbs 10

1 A wise son gladdens the father. Yet truly, a foolish son is the grief of his mother. 2 Treasures of impiety will profit nothing. Truly, justice shall liberate from death. 3 The Lord will not afflict with famine the soul of the just, and he will overthrow the treacheries of the impious. 4 The […]