Habakkuk 1

1 The burden that Habakkuk the prophet saw. 2 How long, O Lord, shall I cry out, and you will not heed? Shall I shout to you while suffering violence, and you will not save? 3 Why have you revealed to me iniquity and hardship, to see plunder and injustice opposite me? And there has […]

Habakkuk 2

1 I will stand firm during my watch, and fix my position over the fortification. And I will observe carefully, to see what might be said to me and what I might respond to my opponent. 2 And the Lord responded to me and said: Write the vision and explain it on tablets, so that […]

Habakkuk 3

1 A Prayer of Habakkuk the Prophet on Behalf of Those Who Are Ignorant. 2 Lord, I heard what has been said about you, and I was afraid. Lord, your work, in the midst of years, revive it. In the midst of years, you will make it known. When you have become angry, you will […]