2 Peter 1

1 Simon Peter, servant and Apostle of Jesus Christ, to those who have been allotted an equal faith with us in the justice of our God and in our Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Grace to you. And may peace be fulfilled according to the plan of God and of Christ Jesus our Lord, 3 in […]

2 Peter 2

1 But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be among you lying teachers, who will introduce divisions of perdition, and they will deny him who bought them, the Lord, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. 2 And many persons will follow their indulgences; through such persons, the way of truth […]

2 Peter 3

1 Consider, most beloved, this second epistle which I am writing to you, in which I stir up, by admonition, your sincere mind, 2 so that you may be mindful of those words that I preached to you from the holy prophets, and of the precepts of the Apostles of your Lord and Savior. 3 […]