Exodus 21

1 “These are the judgments which you shall place before them: 2 If you buy a Hebrew servant, six years shall he serve you; in the seventh, he shall depart freely, without charge. 3 With whatever clothing he arrived, with the like let him depart. If he has a wife, his wife also shall depart, […]

Exodus 23

1 “You shall not accept a lying voice. Neither shall you join your hand so as to give false testimony on behalf on the impious. 2 You shall not follow the crowd in doing evil. Neither shall you go astray in judgment, by agreeing with the majority opinion, apart from the truth. 3 Likewise, you […]

Exodus 24

1 He also said to Moses: “Ascend to the Lord, you and Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, and seventy elders out of Israel, and adore from a distance. 2 And only Moses will ascend to the Lord, and these shall not approach. Neither shall the people ascend with him.” 3 Therefore, Moses went and explained to […]

Exodus 25

1 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: 2 “Speak to the sons of Israel, so that they may take the first-fruits to me. You shall accept these from every man who offers of his own accord. 3 Now these are the things that you must accept: Gold, and silver, and brass, 4 hyacinth and […]

Exodus 26

1 “Truly, thus shall you make the tabernacle: You shall make ten curtains of fine twisted linen, and hyacinth as well as purple, and twice-dyed scarlet, with diverse embroidery. 2 The length of one curtain shall have twenty-eight cubits. The width shall be four cubits. The entire set of curtains shall be of one measure. […]

Exodus 27

1 “You shall also make an altar of setim wood, which will have five cubits in length, and the same in width, that is, four equal sides, and three cubits in height. 2 Now there shall be horns at the four corners of it, and you shall cover it with brass. 3 And you shall […]

Exodus 28

1 “Also, join to yourself your brother Aaron, with his sons from the midst of the sons of Israel, so that they may exercise the priesthood for me: Aaron, Nadab and Abihu, Eleazar and Ithamar. 2 And you shall make a holy vestment for Aaron, your brother, with glory and elegance. 3 And you shall […]

Exodus 29

1 “But you shall also do this, so that they may be consecrated to me in the priesthood: Take a calf from the herd, and two immaculate rams, 2 and unleavened bread, and a crust without leaven that has been sprinkled with oil, likewise, unleavened cakes smeared with oil. You shall make them all from […]

Exodus 30

1 “You shall also make an altar, for the burning of incense, from setim wood, 2 having one cubit in length, and another in width, that is, four equal sides, and two cubits in height. Horns shall proceed from the same. 3 And you shall clothe it with the purest gold, both its grating and […]